Welcome to the SharedSDS wiki and ticketing system

This wiki will no longer be used to document SharedSDS because we have started user docs at

The real developer documentation is embedded in the source code. However, it is sometimes beneficial to discuss issues for the benefit of future maintainers and this is where to do that. See various pages in the Index plus Release Notes for the latest changes.

SharedSDS users are its primary stakeholders. Others include the SharedSDS Foundation, its Special Interest Groups, developers and sponsors.

Tickets represent requirements for enhancements, documentation and of course defects (bugs). Tickets carry all the necessary change-request detail for developers or documentation writers to complete their work.

Stakeholders initiate change by raising a ticket which :

  • names the change
  • describes the change
  • specifies the success tests

The ticket needs a name so it can be referred to in discussions. The description should be brief (say 50 words) but sufficient to make the business case for change. Success tests are needed by stakeholders so they know how to accept or reject the finished work.

Stakeholders must prioritize outstanding tickets. Those with the highest priorities are tackled first. So stakeholders need to meet (electronically if not face-to-face) regularly to agree on the correct alignment between business value to them and ticket priorities.

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